No Map to This Country


"You need to understand that when I marvel at the skill with which 'No Map to this Country' engages the reader, draws him into the story, and maintains breathtaking suspense until the very end, all the while effortlessly educating that reader in complex medical discoveries and controversies, this is not the reaction of an easy mark. I am a harsh critic with high standards. If you log onto the back issues of the weekly where I once toiled as a reviewer and type in my name, the first thing to come up will be the letters to the editor written by readers offended by my unflattering evaluations… So when I say that this memoir by first-time author Jennifer Noonan is a dazzling accomplishment, you should understand that I am not blowing smoke." --David Maclaine


Psychiatric Services Medical Journal (cite: Psychiatric Services October 2016, Vol. 67, No. 10, pp. e16 - e17)


Radio interview with Dr. John Schumann on KWGS Tulsa Public Radio (30 min)


Radio interview with The Joy Cardin Show on Wisconsin NPR (42 min)


Podcast interview with Dr. Merle Griff on VoiceAmerica (30 min)



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